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Handyman Service

Handyman Service

Our professional Handyman will arrive at your home with all the tools they need to repair your broken fixtures and household items. And if something is beyond repair, we will help you find and install a replacement that fits your home’s specifications and style.

Professional installation services provided by Fixco. No matter whether you are interested in baby proofing your home, adding in new cabinets, or mounting a TV on your wall, our experienced and insured home professionals can get it handled for you-done right and on time.

Instead of wasting a day trying to assemble that new desk or bed frame, leave the heavy lifting to Fixco! We can tackle your entire to-do list so that you can sit back and relax. Our professionals are well-equipped to assemble all types of furniture, shelving, and equipment.

  • If you are inspired to upgrade an area of your home, it is time you calle Fixco to talk to us about our remodeling services. From installing a new floor in your bathroom to replacing the appliances in your kitchen, we can do it all, done right and on time. We even provide customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • Over time, your home can fall victim to normal wear and tear of living, little things can add up quickly. We can schedule regular visits by our experienced handymen to your home and handle everything from cleaning up your attic to replacing your grout to even repairing a faucet in your bathroom.
Handyman Service


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